Ankara has again accused Greece and Cyprus for taking “steps that increase tensions”, threatening to intervene in any Nicosia action to drill in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Earlier, Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos had a brief meeting with his Turkish counterpart, Hulusi Akar, on the sidelines of the NATO Defense Ministers’ Summit, at Akar’s request.

Panagiotopoulos stressed that it is useful to maintain open channels of communication between Greece and Turkey, but to take steps in this direction requires improving the climate. He underlined the importance of respect for sovereignty and sovereign rights and adherence to international law, which are the indisputable guarantee for the establishment of conditions of peace, security and stability in the region.

From drug discovery to forecasting kidney disease AI could be the next game-changer in healthcare.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping healthcare, and its use is becoming a reality in many medical fields and specialties.

By improving workflows and operations, assisting medical and nonmedical staff with repetitive tasks, supporting users in finding faster answers to inquiries, and developing innovative treatments and therapies, patients, payers, researchers and clinicians can all benefit from the use of AI in healthcare.

Iraq is one of the most climate-vulnerable places on Earth. In Baghdad, traffic police sergeant Sa’d Saddam Abdulhasan is responsible for one of the city’s busiest junctions. He keeps the city moving but to do so he must work in 50C heat, while standing on black asphalt.

This hardworking officer need a shade above his head or he might suffer heat strokes. Why not use traffic lights???

From being pelted with stones in Greece to receiving a papal welcome in Rome, the giant girl’s migrant trek from Syria to Manchester provoked powerful responses.

Constructed by War Horse creators Handspring, the puppet is intensely expressive, pacing above crowds, observing everything while interacting with children, registering happiness, anger, and occasional pain — all the emotions that a nine-year-old child might experience.

The puppet will cross the Channel legally, packed away in a truck, so will not provoke the attention of British politicians who are this autumn debating the nationality and borders bill, which plans to punish people who arrive in the UK by unauthorised routes with jail sentences of up to four years.

Protesters in Khartoum over the last few days have been calling on the army to seize power again.

This is the Sudanese version of the Arab Spring slogan: “The people want the downfall of the regime.” Crucially, the word “bass”, Arabic for “only”, underlined the limits of their consensus — they only wanted to bring down the regime led by Bashir for nearly three decades.

As the events of the past two years have demonstrated, there was little consensus on how to move forward after that.

But beyond the display of unity lurked the spectre of growing division between the erstwhile allies. Crucially, it was reported that not all the delegates signed the new document — two blocks formed, both claiming to be the FFC. Instead of healing divisions, the conference exposed them.

According to the Human Rights Watch, the number of those living below the poverty line has doubled, and tripled for those already living in extreme poverty in the past year.2 …

He caused the downfall of the Brotherhood in Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritania. He dismiss the former Secretary-General Mahmoud Hussein and several other leader approved the new elections.

His disrupting decisions did not sit well with the Brotherhood in Turkey that is why the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey refuses to keep Munir in the organization and promises to kill him.

Brothers Mahmoud Hussein in Turkey leads the Brotherhood in Turkey to overthrow Munir and the formation of leading figures for the Brotherhood and be based in Turkey.

Afghanistan, the United States’ chaotic withdrawal notwithstanding, could emerge as another example of the positive impact when global interests coincide. That is if the Taliban prove willing and capable of policing militant groups to ensure that they don’t strike beyond the Central Asian nation’s borders or at embassies and other foreign targets in the country.

Little surprise that Russia and China, each in their own way and independent of the United States, over the last year echoed the United States’ message that the Middle East needs to get its act together.

US military the less the better? Russia and China seems all ready to fill that void that will be left by US.

President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order establishing a new sanctions regime that authorizes the United States to target any party responsible for or complicit in actions or policies that are prolonging the conflict in northern Ethiopia, and those that commit human rights abuses, or obstruct humanitarian access or progress…

The education system in Lebanon is at risk of collapse, with devastating consequences for children, Human Rights Watch said today. …


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