A country in freefall, Lebanon

Lebanon has become a basket case, with no end in sight. Its political system is in deadlock, as its economy perishes with each passing day, forcing its leaders to plead for foreign emergency assistance to stay afloat, including food for its starving army.

Lebanese people now live the “shawarma paradox”: the national sandwich which cost 5,000 Lebanese pounds or $2 a couple of years ago, today is priced at 20,000 pounds or less than a dollar.

Beirut lost much of its prestige and attraction as an economic, cultural, tourist and media hub over the past decade.

Today, the country is spiralling downwards thanks to two jaded and cynical leaders at the helm of the state and its parliament, coupled with an incompetent man-boy in and out of the premiership and a behind-the-scenes power broker hiding in his bunker — the loyalties of the latter lying outside the country.

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