Libya’s uncertainty to elections

Libya is set to hold elections Dec. 24 in line with the provisions of the political road map approved by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum in November. However, significant challenges remain that could prevent the holding of elections and derail the country’s political and institutional reunification — risking long-term entrenchment of foreign forces and mercenaries, further fragmentation and a return to conflict.

Libya’s Higher National Elections Commissions set July 1 as a deadline for meeting all the constitutional and legal requirements for elections to be held by the end of the year. However, disagreements between key political stakeholders and institutions persist and pose a significant threat to the process.

The United States and European states want to see an end to Russian and Turkish presence in Libya, and a successful election by the end of the year could help achieve that. While sensitive and increasingly divisive, the issue of foreign forces and mercenaries in Libya will undoubtedly be a prominent electoral topic and a matter of public opinion and interest for the wider population.

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