Political Islam is Fascism. It is Deadly

The Power of political Islam around the world is massive and deadly. Islamist attacks has increasingly taking root in European Muslim communities. Social media’s are expressing sympathy despite the Islamist terror and speaking of truth about it has often face with accusations of racism from Islamists and parts of the political left.

Numerous people were killed or seriously injured in terrorist attacks such as those in Ansbach, Würzburg and on Breitscheidplatz in Berlin, most of these Islamist murderers are asylums. The silence of politics the media, the churches and civil society organisations is troubling and oblivious to the serious danger of this political Islam in their country

It is high time we stop the spread of political Islam. We should not allow tolerance to any religion who speak of hate. Political Islam is fascism that triggers racism and Islamist violence. Time for Islam to learn to accept justified criticism and even humour or satire in a secular state. People should be able to condemn extremism without being intimidated by baseless accusations of alleged Islamophobia, “Islamophobia” or “anti-Muslim racism

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