Why is Hamas taking part in the elections?

The insistence of the movement’s leaders to play along with the election game in which Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the “security coordination authority”, and the Israeli enemy have involved it in is, in effect, throwing the movement into the unknown. Did they not think about this unknown future upon which they are gambling the last card in their possession? I do not think that any sane person in Hamas believes that it is likely to win the elections, as it did in 2006, which brought them the blockade, led to the division of the Palestinian people and was a major reason for repeated Israeli military offensives against the Gaza Strip. Have they not learnt anything from all of this?

They say that their goal is to end the division and bring about a national consensus, and no one can possibly object to that. We all want to see Palestinian unity and a rearrangement of Palestinian affairs in order to confront the plots to liquidate the cause and approve the shameful deal of the century.

The people of Palestine need a new entity and new leaders to restore the status of the Palestinian cause as a national liberation cause. They can gain complete legitimacy by making a bold decision regarding the Oslo Accords and their outcomes, and managing the national project in all its manifestations.

As the saying goes, the worst misfortune is the one that makes you laugh. Does Hamas need to look through Abbas’ history to decide whether or not it can support him in the elections?

Source Link: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20210222-palestine-is-on-my-mind-why-is-hamas-taking-part-in-the-elections/




Columnist Freelance Journalist, News, Story Writer, stories from the Middle East’s

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Columnist Freelance Journalist, News, Story Writer, stories from the Middle East’s

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